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Blocked Drains

Are your Drains Backing Up?

With out question, a blocked drain is one of the most frustrating and potentially time consuming issues that people can encounter. whether it is a kitchen sink, bathroom or toilet. A blocked drain is never convenient and can often lead to a very messy clean up.

When dealing with blocked drains, it's important to know exactly what causes the build up to happen. Virtually anything that goes down a drain, including grease, hair, toys, oil, canister tops, fat, and food can possibly lead to a blockage in a drain. With solid items like toys and plastic caps, it' somewhat obvious how a drain ends up blocked, but with things like fat and grease, blockage occurs differently. Initially going down into the drain as thick, hot substance, oil and grease will slowly block a drain because of it's thick qualities.

 As hot liquid becomes cooler, it starts to solidify and will stick to the sides of the sewer pipe, and will build up and cause a complete blockage. One of the best ways for you to unblock a drain without calling a plumber is to use a specialized chemical product. For example draino and that don't work a stick of dynamite.

If you find your self in a rut then the best and safest thing to do is call a professional expert who has the knowledge and experience to fix the issue in an efficient manner. G & J Plumbing is a renowned plumbing service fulfilling all residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our plumbers are highly skilled in preforming all kinds of tasks and can unclog your drain without any difficulty.

If you have a blocked sewer, chocked up toilet, we can fix it. we deliver high quality plumbing service that are both practical and efficient which translates into savings for you. All sewer blockages will be cleared by our qualified and experienced technicians providing cost effective and reliable plumbing solution for your home. We Specialise in delivering quality service solving any headaches from blocked drains.

G & J Plumbing is qualified and experienced for over 35 years, Offering same day service on sewer blockages and hot water systems, Also a complete plumbing service for bathroom and kitchen reno's From Underwood to Helensvale.